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Insurance is always a question on people minds, especially when you are talking about V10 and V8 engines ! The good news is that American car insurance is no more expensive than insureing a european car and in many cases cheaper. The reason for this is theft is not a common problem with American cars as they are easily recognisable due to the limited numbers on the road. The average American car insurance premium is also driven down due to road risk as many american cars are second cars and often driven by enthusiasts who have had American cars before.

Atlantic Sports Cars Ltd is happy to recommend these Insurance companies who specialise in American car insurance.


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                                              Tel : 01395 255 100                                            Tel : 0800 089 0045 (Quote Dealer Ref: D1243)

For the most competetive price mention Atlantic Sports Cars

Typical Insurance

1 Year Comprehensive       Ford Mustang GT  4.6lt V8 £500- £600 or Supercharged £700-£800

1 Year Comprehensive       Dodge Ram 1500   5.7lt V8 £550- £600 or  Commercial use £900

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