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NEW VEHICLES ORDERED FROM THE US  Ordering a new vehicle from Atlantic Sports Cars is simple. We believe there should be no hidden costs and you will receive a full breakdown of the costs involved before any payment or deposit is due. We can source your new vehicle in two ways, factory order direct from the manufacturer or a live vehicle sitting on a franchised dealer lot on the east coast of America. You will receive an exact breakdown of the spec requested as a factory purchase order or you will be sent a copy of the window sticker (full spec breakdown including VIN (Chassis Number) before any money is taken by us. On approval by yourself that this factory order or live vehicle is exactly what you want you would sign a copy of the order to accept approval of spec. At this point a £2,000 deposit would be required by credit card so we can go ahead and place order immediately (this is very important if a live vehicle on a showroom floor as it could sell at anytime!). The balance of the required 25% deposit (this is our standard and american car industry standard deposit as the car is being bought to your exact spec) would then be required within 7 days if a live vehicle or on delivery to our dealership from the factory if factory order.

We pay for the full vehicle value at this point as we do not speculate on dollar prices as it is to risky. The price we agree before signing of both the contract and the agreed spec is the price you pay with no hidden cost or currency fluctuations this includes IVA, road tax and warranty etc.

The balance is due on collection of your new vehicle. We have been trading in American cars since 1998 and this method has been tried and tested and we believe a fair way of trading from both our side and the customers side.

The factory order stage takes 6-10 weeks to build (this depends on how quick we can get a factory allocation). The import , IVA, DVLA stage also takes 6-8 weeks to get on the road.

You can avoid the 6-10 week build time if we purchase a live vehicle and there is a good chance we will be able to find your exact spec. You may have to be flexible on spec and options if the exact car is not available and you are in a rush for your new vehicle. No deposit is required until you agree on the spec of a vehicle anyway.  If you would like to download relevant brochure for a new car please look at the brochures page . 

We specialise in importing Ford Mustangs, Dodge Rams, Shelby gt500's, Dodhe Vipers, Ford F150's and many more of America's finest cars.

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